Apex Biblical Christian Counseling
"The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."                    
                                      ​-  1 Corinthians 15:26  -
Anyone, pastor or layman, who tries to paint the picture of death being a friend has either never lost a loved one, has believed a lie, or has simply chosen denial in the face of Truth and daily reality.  The grief that is felt when a loved one has been lost is deep and undeniable.  Death is an enemy, just as 1 Corinthians 15 clearly states. 

In reality, the grieving process varies dramatically from person to person, typically involving several phases while healing takes place over a period of time.  God's Word speaks of a phase of mourning where the anguish is so powerful that a person will not be able to be comforted (Matthew 2:18).  In the book of Job, after Job had lost virtually his entire family to calamity, he had 3 friends who sat with him in the dust of the earth for 7 days without saying a single word.  When there are no words that can be said, just a friend's loving presence means a great deal.

But in moving into following phases, there ARE words that can comfort the hearts of those who grieve, and the Bible is not silent on the subject. 

At Apex Biblical Christian Counseling, we understand and empathize with those who are seeking Hope, Help and Healing as they work through their loss.  In serving the Words of Life, a qualified Christian Counselor will share Truth that can bring gradual healing to those who hurt, bring comfort to those who mourn, even bring joy and rejoicing as the reality of victory over an enemy is realized.  

If you are experiencing grief and loss, please call us at (see About Us page) to set an appointment.  No matter how dark the skies may be today, there will be tomorrows when the sun shall shine.  

"He will swallow up death in victory;  and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces..."  (Isaiah 25:8)
The purpose of Apex Biblical Christian Counseling is self-explanatory - we offer Bible-based, Christ-centered answers to people seeking such counsel. We do NOT offer NC Licensed Secular Counseling. There are professional counseling practices in the area that offer that - but we do not.

As an outreach ministry, as a ministerial service to the Body of Christ, we provide scriptural answers to souls who are searching for a practical knowledge of how GOD, as our Creator, designed men and women to live victoriously.

Apex Biblical Christian Counseling exists solely to bring into people's lives our heavenly Father's gracious provision of Hope, Help, and Healing.​​

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God's provision of.... Hope, Help, and Healing
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