Apex Biblical Christian Counseling
"It is a trustworthy statement:  if a man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do."
                                                   -  I Timothy 3:1  -​
The men and women who carry responsibilities within the Church often face a unique set of temptations.  Whether a pastor or a pastor's wife, whether an assistant pastor, youth pastor, a deacon or a program director  - when our personal Adversary takes aim at one of us who oversees, he aims to take down with us all those we oversee.  He aims to double up on a victory.

    ​​Hence, it is worthy of double vigilance to insure that our walk before God is up to the standard of 1 Timothy 3:2:      "Therefore an overseer must be above reproach....".  If you, as a man or woman carrying direct or indirect leadership responsibility in the Church, are facing temptations that are overcoming you, and finding yourself in a position of self-examination as to whether you are "walking the walk", then we welcome you to call Apex Biblical Christian Counseling.  To sit down with someone who understands the pastoral challenges you face, who knows of the attacks directed at those who serve as overseers, and who can be trusted to keep the strictest of confidentiality - that brother in Christ can be extremely helpful.

    The sensitivity of Church related issues is understood.  All phone calls and all sessions​ are kept 100% confidential.  Whether the issues you are dealing with involve schism among staff, infidelity, church funds, congregational disharmony, inordinate back-biting, insubordination, family/marital discord, leadership transition, church plant decisions, doctrinal digression, or any other issue that threatens the unity in the body of Christ - there is no shame in needing help. There is only shame in not seeking help when it is needed.  

    Qualified help would be from an experienced Christian Counselor who is spiritually minded, Bible based, impartial, empathetic, non-judgmental, and deeply rooted in the wisdom of God and the love of God. 
    If you are even thinking of calling us at Apex Biblical Christian Counseling, pick up the phone and call.....today.  We look forward to serving you, with love and humility.   We are reachable at (see About Us page), and fulfill appointments for mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.  

    In addition, if for any reason your pastoral staff is not able to handle the counseling load that you are faced with, please call us.  It would be a joy and privilege to support you in your ongoing oversight of the flock of God with which He has entrusted to your care.    
The purpose of Apex Biblical Christian Counseling is self-explanatory - we offer Bible-based, Christ-centered answers to people seeking such counsel. We do NOT offer NC Licensed Secular Counseling. There are professional counseling practices in the area that offer that - but we do not.

As an outreach ministry, as a ministerial service to the Body of Christ, we provide scriptural answers to souls who are searching for a practical knowledge of how GOD, as our Creator, designed men and women to live victoriously.

Apex Biblical Christian Counseling exists solely to bring into people's lives our heavenly Father's gracious provision of Hope, Help, and Healing.​​


Our Purpose and Goal
God's provision of.... Hope, Help, and Healing
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